FORSTHOFF-B automatic tape welding machine

The strong automatic tape welding machine for the tarpaulin industry.


- The FORSTHOFFT-B automatic welding machine is a very powerful device for applying 50 mm tapes.


- The automatic hot air machine offers a heat output of 4000 W 230 V AC, which is electronically infinitely variable up to 700 °C. The travelling unit is equipped with a strong motor and heavy casing ensuring an efficient drive and strong pressure. The device starts automatically after the weld head has been swivelled in.


- In addition, the machine casing is mounted on a three-point support, which is able to compensate any slight unevenness of the welding pad.


- The speed is infinitely variable so that it can be matched to the different types of materials.


Technical specifications





230 V 50/60 Hz

Heat output

2x2000 W 230 V


20–700 °C, infinitely variable


27.0 kg with 7 m connection cable


Item No. 3059
Heating element
4000 W, 230 V